Let us deliver long life milk, consumables and stationary right at your factory and office doorsteps!! Milk on Tap is an established delivery enterprise that has been delivering long life milk to factories, businesses and offices in Gauteng since 2004. We are a family business that has built a loyal and expanding clientele by our personalized, prompt and reliable delivery services. We provide milk products in all variants available from established top dairy brands, Clover, Parmalat and Makro.

Customer Benefits:
Personalized Service: We provide hands-on service and build personal relationships with each client.
Reliability: We always deliver on time.
Convenience: We save you time and money
Credit available: We offer easy payment terms.
Productivity & cost saving: No working hours lost on shopping trips!

Free delivery as long as there is one delivery a month


To ensure excellence in the distribution of our milk brands and service to the mutual benefit of all parties involved.


To build a dynamic, market sensitive, secure and profitable business with strong brands, loyal and happy customers and suppliers and committed, well trained and motivated staff based on our core values of Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Good Value and with mutually beneficial relations and opportunities to all concerned.


Our clients include some of the country's leading corporate customers. We also cater for the smaller companies, the aged homes as well as holiday makers. Examples of the type of clientele we distribute to are schools, workshops, colleges, car dealerships, furniture shops, panel beaters etc.


We deliver personally, at your office, factory, home, old age homes, and vacation premises .